Maureen has been a recent guest writer for See Chicago Dance, and Arts Intercepts.  Read some of her work by clicking on the links above and  here.

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Maureen was a contributing freelance writer for Dance Studio Life Magazine since 2009-2017.  

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​Madison, WI, Chicago, IL USA

A new edition of Maureen's popular book, Ghost Signs of Madison, Wisconsin featuring beautiful architectural photos coupled with historical anecdotes and informative text, is now available.  Buy a copy here.


Maureen Janson

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Maureen's collection of original monologues entitled Beautiful View were performed in January 2019 and remounted on April 14, 2019 at the Jefferson in Spring Green, WI.

Maureen is the co-author of the revised edition of Getting Started in Ballet, A Parent's Guide to Dance Education,  published in January 2016 by Oxford University Press.

Maureen is the founding editor/publisher of Scoliosis Quarterly, a high-end print magazine. Learn more about the magazine and its content here.