From Opera House to Storefront to Black Box;

From Ballet to Ballroom to Hip Hop;

From Stillness to Gesture to Cartwheel;

From Actor to Singer to Dancer;

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​Madison, WI, Chicago, IL USA

Maureen brings experience, confidence, positive energy and a strong work ethic to dance choreography and movement coaching for live performance and film.


Maureen Janson

-Maureen speaks about her choreography and movement work for Remy Bumppo Theatre Company's production of Our Class.  Watch the video here.

-Read a bit about Maureen's choreography here.

"Maureen Janson’s choreography is pure fun, and is deftly executed."  -Chicago Sun-Times

"Janson reminds me of choreographer Paul Taylor with her musicality and penchant for inserting quirky elements that let us see traditional ballet vocabulary in a new way."  -Isthmus

"Choreographer Maureen Janson contributed mightily to the power of this play's physical prowess"  -Dane 101

"Fortunately for Maureen Janson,  her work really is smart: it has a visceral impact... This company  surprised me with its ragged force, dark humor, and enigmatic but powerful sense of theater. "  -Chicago Reader

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Recently Closed

-Maureen was awarded the prestigious Choreography and Performance Award from the Wisconsin Dance Council.  

She also is the recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship from the state of Wisconsin.

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At top: still from dance film, Sliver (choreographed, danced and edited by Maureen Janson, sculpture by Hongtao Zhou). 

Maureen's choreography was recently cited as the "Best of 2016" by Isthmus, Madison, WI

2018-1776, Four Seasons

2018-Central Park Sessions

2018-Fun Home,  Forward Theater Company